Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reading Update

My gosh, I haven't posted on this blog for so long! I do have a good reason, though, and that is that my husband and I have been moving to our new home in Virginia. It's a beautiful little three-bedroom house tucked inside a picket fence. I can't wait to start gardening. I don't have a green thumb like my mother, but I can pretty much grow simple flowers without a problem =D I haven't been writing much, but I've been reading a ton! My latest is this little gem by Sarah J. Maas:
I'm about six or seven chapters in, and it's pretty decent. I still think it's kind of absurd that they would throw a dangerous criminal assassin into a beautiful bedroom of her own, right in the same castle with the royal family. I mean, isn't she a bad-ass chick who nearly escaped the horrible mines while she was in shackles and under heavy guard? What will stop her from getting the hell out when there's nothing but breakable glass castle around her? Hot men, apparently. I'll update when finished. It's nice to see a high fantasy book in the YA section! Hope y'all have been well... if anyone is still reading this! =O

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